Be a Creator!

How to become a creator on PageForFans?

It's very easy to become a creator on PageForFans, the data verification process is done quickly without being complicated, and what's amazing is that registration is free.

The steps are as follows:
  • Create an account on PageForFans.
  • Change profile photo and banner.
  • Edit profile and complete important data such as date of birth and more.
  • Then select the menu and click "Be a Creator!".
  • Fill in the data as completely as possible according to the valid identity card. (The data sent is confidential, will not be published).
  • Upload a photo of the front of the identity card as clear as possible without being cut off.
  • Upload a photo of the back of the identity card as clear as possible without being cut off.
  • Upload a selfie holding an ID card.
  * To make verification easier, upload a photo holding an identity card and holding a piece of paper that says "FageForFans Registration" at the top, and below that text fill in the date of the application for registration followed by a signature and below it write your name.
  * Please note that address information such as street address, city & zip code will not be displayed on profiles.
  * To simplify the verification process, we recommend filling in social media data as completely as possible. After we receive verification, you can delete the info or leave it alone.
  • Please wait a few hours for the data verification process.
After we certify that the registration sent is a real account registration (not registering other people's data or pretending to be someone else), you can already post something and start making money.

To expand your fan network, we recommend sharing your link on social media so that many fans like all of your posts.

In order for your page to be visited by many fans, please post as much as possible every day, showing fans that your page is genuine and worthy of following.

You can create special content that requires fans to pay to see the content you create.

You can seduce fans to give you a TIP.
The more your content is liked, the more people will send you TIP.

Accept or offer to create content on demand from fans and you provide a fee for that content.

You can create a second page, create an account again with your same identity. You make that page a paid page that you promote through your free page.
You can provide attractive offers so that the interest of fans to subscribe to your paid pages increases and generates a lot of money every month.
For paid pages, you can charge weekly rates or monthly rates, you can even provide special price offers for fans who subscribe directly for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

You can offer banrang, offer services or services to your fans in the store.
This is a very good source of income to increase your income.

Get ready to be a successful person who earn lots of money with us at PageForFans.